My task is to encourage you to plan ahead to come to New York in May 2016 to the next CMI Conference. That is an easy task. I never fail to enjoy visits to New York. Some of my earliest memories are as a child under five visiting New York in transit across the Atlantic by sea and air en route between London and Caracas, Venezuela, where my father worked for Shell. I visited New York again in between school and university in 1969. The Vietnam war was going on, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, everyone was exhorted to wear flowers in their hair, Marvin Gaye could hear it "through the grapevine", Creedence Clearwater Revival were top of the charts and it was an interesting time to be a teenager!

Not long before my teenage visit in 1969 the CMI held its 27th Conference in New York in September 1965. It will therefore be more than 50 years since we last met in that great city. The President of the United States Maritime Law Association at that time was Nicholas Healy and we are hoping to honour his memory by holding the annual Healy lecture at New York University in the midst of the Conference.

The United States MLA, our host, is one of the oldest (and largest) of the MLAs and has always played a significant role in the work of the CMI. There is no doubt that we will be given a warm welcome in that vibrant city.

The principal work which we will be doing at the Conference will, it is hoped, be the finalisation of the Review of the Rules of General Average. In addition we are hoping to combine many of the US MLA Committees with CMI's International Working Groups to provide a series of interesting and inspiring working sessions.

A booking has already been made to hold the Conference at the HiltonHotel, mid town.

I hope you will be able to attend the Conference in New York in 2016, and experience that extraordinary city.

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Stuart Hetherington


Comité Martime International